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  • Engraved AcrylicTo Do List
  • Engraved AcrylicTo Do List

Engraved AcrylicTo Do List


The Engraved To Do List comes as a 250mm/350mm rounded edge to fit in those tighter spaces. It can be customised with your family’s name at the top (please add your Name to the custom text field below exactly as you want it written).

They are made from 3mm clear acrylic and engraved  on the back so you can write and remove easily. we reccomend using Chalk pens or Whiteboard markers.

These can be customised with holes to work with our silver stand off screws or can be left without holes and you can affix it however you like. we reccomend strong sturdy magnets or 3M double sided tape. please be mindful our to do lists can be quiet heavy due to their size therefor not all magnets will be suitable.

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